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Our Growing, Glowing Story

Our highly coveted, exotic wood, acacia koa, from the island of Kaua'i is famous for its' unique, often three-dimensional beauty. Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, it is a prized wood for artwork, custom frames, and musical instruments. We offer seasoned lumber and hand-crafted unique pieces.

On our farm on the north shore of Kaua'i we germinate select koa seeds, plant out seedlings and nurture the growing trees. Harvesting only naturally downed trees-- we mill, and kiln dry the wood right here on our land. We are one of the very few exhibition-grade koa wood producers in the world. Enjoy our special creations made just for you.

Sandy and Krista Brodie

Owners, Kaua'i Koa Farm

Princeville, Kaua'i, Hawaii

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