Kauai Koa Farm

At the Kauai Koa Farm we germinate select Koa seeds, nurture the growing trees, and maintain a wide variety of other endemic trees and plants.  Harvesting only naturally downed trees, we mill, and kiln-dry the wood right here on our land.  We are one of the very few exhibition-grade Koa wood producers in the world.  Our main focus is the sustainable and regenerative production of this exotic and very rare tree, the Acacia Koa.
Now we offer one-of-a-kind wood products in organic shapes for your home and to give as gifts.


Who We Are

Sandy Brodie, the Founding Father of the farm, had a vision 20 years ago, to grow native trees,    to sequester carbon, and bring Koa back to Kauai, one tree at a time. Today the farm shows his years of hard work and dedication paying off!  His legacy is what his wife, Krista, is so proud of as she works by his side growing coffee, gardening, and working on sales.  As a couple the Brodies strive to strengthen Kauai's Koa forests and to spread the words,

" Hey Big Island isn't the only place to get amazing Hawaiian Koa!


Kauai Koa Farm is here!" 



Please watch our farm video!!!


Contact Us

(808) 652-1922